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Hello thank you for visiting Zious, the theme and resources site of infernos. Here she will posts her latest creations in themes and occasionally reblog useful resources.
NOTE: I will no longer be answering anonymous questions.
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Theme 07: Ennui

It’s my first grid/masonry theme! It’s relatively simple-looking but it took me a while to make the codes user-friendly and customizable. I hope you guys like it! ^^


  • 250/400px. wide post options
  • Single column/ 2-columned/ 3-columned options
  • Optional endless scrolling
  • 5 custom links
  • Circular sidebar pic option (156x156 px)
  • Various other customization selections

Live preview and code: 

Theme 6: Absinthe

Live preview + code:
Hooray for simple themes~^^
Here’s a larger screencap of what the theme looks like with altered customization.

Updated theme: Nocturnus (Centered version)

Lo and behold! After several requests, I have come back with a reprise of my beloved “Nocturnus” theme: a centered version. It’s basically my “Nocturnus” theme, but centered. Ooh la la~ Here it be: 
Here be the larger preview.
Get the code:

Theme 4: Hamartia

Live preview and code:

(Source: zious)

Theme 3.5: Nocturnus Inversus

It’s only 3.5 because it’s basically a light, centered version of my Nocturnus theme with some various edits. /tired and uninspired 

Live preview 1:
Live preview 2:

(Source: infernos)

0 3. Nocturnus Theme

GUYS I HAVE A PROBLEM!! I can’t stop making themes ;A;. It’s so fun!! Anyways, here’s another theme; it’s a darker-themed one that’d go better with animanga-type blogs. The customization options allow for different looks, so I put out 2 live previews.


Backgrounds found from (ixora)

(Source: infernos)

I made another theme: 0 2 . HUBRIS

Yeah, I was lazier this time so the codes are a tad bit unorganized. But I really liked the design of this one. I hope you guys find it to your liking. 

Hubris theme by infernos →

Backgrounds found at (ixora)

(Source: infernos)

0 1. D I U R N U S

Diurnus theme → live preview + code

UPDATE: 12/23/11 Minor improvements to the code.

(Source: infernos)